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Company Overview and Operations

Company Overview and Operations
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2023
Company Overview and Operations  
Company Overview and Operations

Note 2 Company Overview and Operations 


Viking Energy Group, Inc. (“Viking”, the “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is a growth-oriented diversified energy company. Through various majority-owned subsidiaries, Viking provides custom energy and power solutions to commercial and industrial clients in North America and owns interests in producing oil assets in Kansas. The Company also (i) holds an exclusive license in Canada to a patented carbon-capture system; and (ii) owns a majority interest in (a) an entity with intellectual property rights to a fully developed, patented, proprietary medical & biohazard waste treatment system using ozone technology; and (b) entities with intellectual property rights to fully developed, patent pending, proprietary electric transmission and open conductor detection systems. The Company is also exploring other renewable energy-related opportunities and/or technologies, which are currently generating revenue, or have a reasonable prospect of generating revenue within a reasonable period of time.


Custom Energy & Power Solutions:


Simson-Maxwell Acquisition


On August 6, 2021, the Company acquired approximately 60.5% of the issued and outstanding shares of Simson-Maxwell Ltd. (“Simson-Maxwell”), a Canadian federal corporation, for $7,958,159 in cash. Simson-Maxwell manufactures and supplies power generation products, services and custom energy solutions. Simson-Maxwell provides commercial and industrial clients with efficient, flexible, environmentally responsible and clean-tech energy systems involving a wide variety of products, including CHP (combined heat and power), tier 4 final diesel and natural gas industrial engines, solar, wind and storage. Simson-Maxwell also designs and assembles a complete line of electrical control equipment including switch gear, synchronization and paralleling gear, distribution, Bi-Fuel and complete power generation production controls. Operating for over 80 years, Simson-Maxwell’s seven branches assist with servicing a large number of existing maintenance arrangements and meeting the energy and power-solution demands of the company’s other customers.

Clean Energy and Carbon-Capture System:


In August 2021, the Company entered into a license agreement with ESG Clean Energy, LLC (“ESG”), to utilize ESG’s patent rights and know-how related to stationary electric power generation and heat and carbon dioxide capture (the “ESG Clean Energy System”). The intellectual property licensed by Viking includes certain patents and/or patent applications, including: (i) U.S. Patent No.: 10,774,733, File date: October 24, 2018, Issue date: September 15, 2020, Titled: “Bottoming Cycle Power System”; (ii) European Patent Application No.: EP18870699.8, International File date: October 24, 2018, Titled: “Bottoming Cycle Power System”; (iii) U.S. Patent Application No.: 17/224,200, File date: April 7, 2021, Titled: “Bottoming Cycle Power System” (which was subsequently approved by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in March, 2022 (No. 11,286,832); (iv) U.S. Patent Application No.: 17/358,197, File date: June 25, 2021, Titled: “Bottoming Cycle Power System”; (v) U.S. Patent Application No.: 17/448,943, File date: September 27, 2021, Titled: “Systems and Methods Associated With Bottoming Cycle Power Systems for Generating Power and Capturing Carbon Dioxide”; and (vi) U.S. Patent Application No.: 17/448,938, File date: September 27, 2021, Titled: “Systems and Methods Associated With Bottoming Cycle Power Systems for Generating Power, Capturing Carbon Dioxide and Producing Products.


The ESG Clean Energy System is designed to, among other things, generate clean electricity from internal combustion engines and utilize waste heat to capture approximately 100% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from the engine without loss of efficiency, and in a manner to facilitate the production of certain commodities. Patent No. 11,286,832, for example, covers the invention of an “exhaust-gas-to-exhaust-gas heat exchanger” that efficiently cools - and then reheats - exhaust from a primary power generator so greater energy output can be achieved by a secondary power source with safe ventilation. Another key aspect of this patent is the development of a carbon dioxide capture system that utilizes the waste heat of the carbon dioxide pump to heat and regenerate the adsorber that enables carbon dioxide to be safely contained and packaged.


The Company intends to sell, lease and/or sub-license the ESG Clean Energy System to third parties using, among other things, Simson-Maxwell’s existing distribution channels. The Company may also utilize the ESG Clean Energy System for its own account, whether in connection with its petroleum operations, Simson-Maxwell’s power generation operations, or otherwise.


Medical Waste Disposal System Using Ozone Technology:


In January 2022, the Company acquired a 51% interest in Viking Ozone Technology, LLC (“Viking Ozone”), which owns the intellectual property rights to a patented (i.e., US Utility Patent No. 11,565,289), proprietary medical and biohazard waste treatment system using ozone technology. Simson-Maxwell has been designated the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and vendor of this system. The technology is designed to be a sustainable alternative to incineration, chemical, autoclave and heat treatment of bio-hazardous waste, and for the treated waste to be classified as renewable fuel for waste-to-energy (“WTE”) facilities in many locations around the world.


Open Conductor Detection Technologies:


In February 2022, the Company acquired a 51% interest in two entities, Viking Sentinel Technology, LLC (“Viking Sentinel”) and Viking Protection Systems, LLC (“Viking Protection”), that own the intellectual property rights to patent pending (i.e., US Applications 16/974,086, 17/672,422 and 17/693,504), proprietary electric transmission and distribution open conductor detection systems. The systems are designed to detect a break in a transmission line, distribution line, or coupling failure, and to immediately terminate the power to the line before it reaches the ground. The technology is intended to increase public safety and reduce the risk of causing an incendiary event, and to be an integral component within grid hardening and stability initiatives by electric utilities to improve the resiliency and reliability of existing infrastructure.

Oil & Gas Properties


Existing Assets:


The Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Mid-Con Petroleum, LLC and Mid-Con Drilling, LLC (collectively, the “Mid-Con Entities”), owns working interests in oil fields in Kansas, which include a combination of producing wells, non-producing wells and water injection wells.


Divestitures in 2022:


On July 8, 2022, four of the wholly owned subsidiaries of Petrodome, a wholly owned subsidiary of Viking, entered into Purchase and Sale Agreements to sell all of their interests in the oil and gas assets owned by those Petrodome subsidiaries, including in the aggregate, interests in 8 producing wells, 8 shut-in wells, 2 salt water disposal wells and 1 inactive well, to third parties for $3,590,000 in cash. The proceeds from the sale were used to fully repay Petrodome’s indebtedness to CrossFirst Bank under the June 13, 2018 revolving line of credit loan.


This transaction resulted in the disposition of most of the Company’s total oil and gas reserves (see Note 6). The Company recorded a loss on the transaction in the amount of $8,961,705, as follows:


Proceeds from sale


$ 3,590,000


Reduction in oil & gas full cost pool (based on % of reserves disposed)



(12,791,680 )

ARO recovered





Loss on disposal


$ (8,961,705 )


Additionally, in July 2022, the Company received an unanticipated refund of a $1,200,000 performance bond as a result of Petrodome ceasing to operate certain assets in the State of Louisiana. The gain from this refund was included in the “loss from the sale of oil and gas properties and fixed assets’ in the Consolidated Statement of Operations.