Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Subsequent Events (Details Narrative)

Subsequent Events (Details Narrative) - Subsequent Event [Member] - USD ($)
Aug. 08, 2017
Jul. 03, 2017
Aug. 15, 2017
Jun. 30, 2017
Secured Convertible Promissory Note [Member] | July 3, 2017 and August 8, 2017 [Member]        
Borrowed amount       $ 1,475,000
Private lenders pursuant       10.00%
PIC Private Placement [Member]        
Description of private placement

(i) Investment Type – debt evidenced by a secured promissory note; (ii) Term – 12 months with the Company having a right to extend the term for a further 12 months at an increased interest rate (i.e. 12.5%) and in exchange for issuing additional common stock to an investor (i.e. 200,000 shares for every $100,000 invested); (iii) Initial Interest Rate – 10% per annum; (iv) Security – security interest against and pledge of all of the membership interests/units of a new, wholly-owned subsidiary to be incorporated by the Company; and (v) Stock – each investor is entitled to receive 150,000 shares of common stock of the Company for every $100,000 invested. The Company is permitted to raise up to $6,500,000 (up to $8,000,000 with an over-allotment option) under the FAS Private Placement, the proceeds of which will be used to repay existing loans, purchase an interest in new oil and gas leases, drill new oil wells on existing or acquired oil and gas leases, and for general working capital purposes. There is no guarantee the Company will raise $6,500,000 or any other amount under the FAS Private Placement.

FAS Private Placement [Member]        
Borrowed amount     $ 150,000  
Description of private placement  

(i) Term – 12 months; (ii) Rate – 10% per annum; (iii) Security – security interest against and pledge of all of the membership interests/units of Viking’s subsidiary, Mid-Con Petroleum, LLC, pursuant to a Security and Pledge Agreement (the “Security Agreement”); (iv) Conversion – the lenders have a right to convert up to 50% of the Note into common stock of Viking at a price of $0.25 per share, subject to certain ownership restrictions; (v) Warrants – the lenders were given an option to purchase, within the next 5 years, 1,475,000 shares of common stock of Viking at an exercise price of $0.30 per share pursuant to a Common Stock Purchase Warrant (the “Warrant”); and (vi) Stock – the lenders are to be issued a total of 590,000 shares of common stock of Viking. The PIC Private Placement permitted the Company to raise up to $7,500,000 on the aforementioned terms.